What’s The Perfect Weight?


Safe Weight Management

What’s The Perfect Weight

What’s the perfect weight? That’s the question that has loomed over wrestlers since the invention of the scale. There’s no magic formula and certainly no such thing as the perfect weight calculator, but there is a state controlled body mass index to protect wrestlers from themselves or unscrupulous coaches that would have their wrestler’s drop more weight than common sense or safe practice would dictate.

Over the years, wrestlers have engaged in a variety of unhealthy weight loss techniques. Tactics such as spitting, rubber suits, fasting or the unsupervised use of stimulants and laxatives to drop pounds quickly have produced serious and even fatal consequences. ‘What’s the perfect weight’ will be an ongoing segment dedicated to helping wrestlers determine ‘how much’ and  ‘how to’ lose weight safely AND…effectively maintain that weight.

Program for weight gain, loss or maintenance while strength training

Above and beyond that, What’s the perfect weight, will be a constant source to news articles, new diet information, nutritional content, vitamins and supplements, professional medical advice and anything else we can provide relevant to weight loss and maintenance. Our ultimate goal is to arm wrestlers and their parents with the information necessary to create a safe and healthy plan to reach the desired weight goal.

That being said, we do not portend to be medical experts on this subject but we’d like to offer you information that seems to be safe and prudent. What’s good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander and as with any dietary or nutritional programs, or supplements and meal replacement plans, one should consult a physician prior to involvement.

In the final analysis, the safest way to lose weight is a supervised, gradual reduction plan to reach a predetermined weight, within the parameters of your state’s BMI test given prior to competition. What’s the perfect weight will not describe, discuss or condone the use and/or abuse of binging tactics which could produce safety issues. Get to your weight and stay at your weight. Be safe and healthy.