Vermont Wrestling; 2017 State Finals at Vergennes High School

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Vermont Wrestling; 2017 State Finals

The 2017 Vermont Wrestling State Finals was the epitome of a first class tournament. Host team, Vergennes High School provided an outstanding venue, complete with more than ample parking, terrific concessions, a boatload of enthusiastic and congenial staff, and the coup de grace; outstanding competition in a tourney that ran with the precision of a Swiss Watch. All in all, one of the finest tournaments I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend.   

The following is a brief synopsis of the final matches held on a raised stage and witnessed by an electrified audience.

120  Mayer By Fall


Keenan Taylor – Sophomore MAU                           VS.                   Roman Mayer – Sophomore Mt. Abe                           

Season Record  47-6                                                                              49-6
Career  Record  91-18                                                                            95-22
State Champ 2016                                                                                  2016-7 Hubie Wagner Champ, Jason Lowell Memorial Champ
5th at Lowell 2016                                                                                  Essex Mike Baker 2nd place

2nd seeded Roman Mayer got taken down early but that wasn’t to last. Mayer got the reversal. A take down later Mayer cut Taylor loose only to take him down again, roll him onto his back and get the win by pin. Mayer is one to keep your eyes on for the next two years.

170  Stawinski  3-2






John Stawinski – Senior Essex                                 VS.                    Austin Prendergrast – Senior MAU

Season Record  46-3                                                                            46-7 
Career  Record  169-27                                                                        115-15
Vt. State Champ 2016                                                                          2016 Vt. State Champ, 7th Lowell, Methuen Champ                    
2016 Lowell Finalist          

Stawinski and Prendergrast continued the excitement where Mayer and Taylor left off. A back and forth first saw no points but plenty of shots and counters. The chess match continued through the 2nd with no advantage. 3rd period, Stawinski gets an escape and a takedown, Prendergrast gets the escape with 8 seconds left but can’t capitalize.

285 Ladd 4-0





Hunter Ladd – Junior St. J                                     VS.                      Calvin Hayford – Junior MAU

Season Record 29-2                                                                             48-6
Career  Record 82-24                                                                          112-26
3x All State Wrestler                                                                           2nd Sophomore Nationals, 1st Place Methuen
2016 Early Bird Champ                                                                      1st MAU Tournament
Placed Capital City Wrestling Classic  

Another chess match through the first, Ladd took up in the second. Ladd kept control and Hayford was called for stalling.   Ladd got the escape in the 3rd and then a takedown to finish the match. Two quick and agile heavyweights kept the crowd on the edge of their seats. Can’t wait to see these two go at it next year.

126 Schaefer By Fall

Ashdin Schaefer – Senior MAU                            VS.                      John Lucey – Senior Spaulding

Season Record 50-1                                                                            35-6
Career  Record 209-14                                                                       117-50
2015/2016 Vt. State Champ                                                             2014 Otter Valley Champ, 2016 Sandy Murray Champ
200 Career Wins                                                                                 2017 Jason Lowell Champ, 3rd 2016 Vt. States
2015 Lowell Champ  

In what proved to be one of the few short matches of the night, Ashdin Schaefer totally overpowered Lucey only 14 seconds in the 1st for the pin.

182 Cousino By Fall    


Anthony Wright – Senior MAU                           VS.                      Brandon Cousino – Senior Vergennes

Season Record 47-4                                                                          37-1
Career  Record 100-23                                                                     170-27
MAU Tournament Champ                                                               2016 State Champ
8th Lowell                                                                                            Essex Mike Baker Champ
2nd Methuen    

Another match that wasn’t expected to go the distance, Brandon Cousino took out Anthony Wright by pin in the 1st. Cousino got a quick takedown, cut Wright loose,  took him down again with a nice ankle pic and was into a cradle that turned into a half for the pin.  In what proved to be an incredible season, Cousino walked away with a State Championship, the Sportsmanship Award and State Tournament OW. Nice way to finish!

106 Verge By Tech 18-1

Dylan Ross – Senior MAU                                   VS.                       Hunter Verge – Freshman St. J

Season Record 43-9                                                                          48-2
Career  Record 90-32                                                                       48-2
Berlin Tourney Champ                                                                     Lowell Champ, Early Bird Champ, MAU Tournament Champ
2x JV State Champ  

Senior Dylan Ross had his hands full with freshman buzz saw Hunter Verge. Between takedowns, reversals and backpoints, Verge came away with a tech fall in the 3rd. This kid has quite the career in front of him.

160 Wilkins 4-2

Samson Wilkins – Freshman MAU                  VS                         Jack Carney – Junior Essex

Season Record 43-8                                                                          51-6
Career  Record 43-8                                                                          132-24
Methuen Champ                                                                                2x Vermont State Champ
MAU Tournament Champ                                                               Essex Mike Baker Champ

An exciting match that went the distance saw Wilkins come away with the bacon. Carney got an early takedown to lead 2-0. Wilkins managed 2 escapes to tie it up at 2. With 5 ticks left on the clock, Wilkins managed the takedown and walked off with his first Vermont State Championship. What appears to be a promising career, I don’t think it will be his last.

145 Cram 11-10







Dakota Peters – Sophomore RHS                      VS.                      Tyson Cram – Senior OV

Season Record 39-6                                                                          36-6
Career  Record 79-19                                                                        147-46
4th 2016 Vermont States                                                                 4x Vermont State Place Winner, 2015 State Runner-Up, 2017 NVAC Champ

Another seesaw battle that went right down to the wire. Senior Tyson Cram had his hands full with Soph Dakota Peters. Cram got 2 quick takedowns to an escape by Peters. Dakota came back with a takedown and 2 back points to make it 5-4. By virtue of 2 escapes Cram takes a 6-5 lead. A takedown by Cram and escape by Peters brings the tally to 8-6. Peters gets an escape from down in the 3rd but Cram gets another takedown and Peters yet another escape 10-8. Peters gets a takedown to tie it at 10 but Cram gets the escape for the go ahead and what proved to be the game winner. Watch for Peters to make some waves next year!

195 Griggs By Fall


Colin Crowley – Junior MAU                              VS.                    Jacob Griggs – Senior CVU

Season Record 34-7                                                                        49-4
Career  Record 59-16                                                                      132-24
7th Lowell                                                                                         Essex Mike Baker Champ, Saratoga Champ, Timberlane Champ

Senior Jacob Griggs finished his Vermont Wrestling career with a 3rd period fall over MAU’s Colin Crowley. Hat’s off to a valiant effort by Crowley who was down 7-4 prior to the pin but Griggs proved to be more than he could handle.

138 Legg By Tech Fall 20-5

Dustin Davio – Junior Midd                               VS.                    Jarrett Legg – Senior CVU

Season Record 33-8                                                                       49-6
Career  Record 75-41                                                                     135-62
1st Hubie Wagner                                                                           2017 Timberlane Champ, 2017 Essex Mike Baker Champ
Wrestling in Australia this summer                                           2017 Saratoga Champ
for Eastern Conference Team

Junior Dustin Davio was a game opponent who moved up in the rankings all season, but this one lived up to expectations with Legg winning by tech fall.  Legg got an early takedown with backpoints and the 1st ended at 5-1. Legg took down in the 2nd, got a quick escape, reversal and backpoints but Davio managed to roll to his stomach. In the 3rd, Davio got a reversal and a takedown on Legg and it looked like it might start going the other way but Legg grabbed another takedown and more back points to finish the match.

220 Rocher By Fall

Sebastian Rocher – Senior MAU                      VS.                   Nick Johnson – Junior Milton

Season Record 36-6                                                                    18-2
Career  Record 94-20                                                                 42-11
Returning Finalist                                                                       1st Early Bird, 1st Vergennes Invitational
Enlisted in the Marines                                                              1st Jason Lowell

Johnson got an early takedown and looked like he cut Rocher loose for another takedown but turned to just an escape; 2-1 Johnson. Later Johnson tried a shot and slipped giving Rocher the takedown. In the 2nd, Johnson got an escape and a takedown to make it 5-3. Johnson tried for a headlock, lost the grip and got taken down. (I’m not a big fan of that move in the heavier weights) In the process, Rocher got called for a full Nelson and coughed up a penalty point; 6-5 Johnson. In the 3rd, Rocher stood up and Johnson tried to pull him down, landed on his back and Rocher capitalized with the pin.

113 Call By Tech Fall 15-0


 Noah Call – Sophomore MAU                          VS.                 Josh Hanlon – Sophomore Williamstown

Season Record 47-4                                                                  20-5
Career  Record 72-15                                                                35-14
2nd Lowell                                                                                  3rd 2016 Vermont States, 3rd Corinth Invitational,
2017 MAU Tournament Champ                                             1st – OW Capen Tournament
2017 Methuen Champ

Never much doubt about this one as Call dominated the match and ended it with a tech 15-0. Call has a bright future and is sure to be a force in the next two years of his Vermont career.

152 Burgess 7-4

Tyler Burgess – Junior MAU                            VS.                   James Danis – Freshman Essex

Season Record 48-6                                                                    52-4
Career  Record 142-31                                                                52-4
2x Lowell Place Finish                                                               2016 Hubie Wagner Champ, 2016 Hubie Wagner OW
2x Place Vermont States                                                           2017 Finalist Peru Invitational
2017 Methuen Champ

Burgess jumped out to a 6-0 lead and carried it into the 3rd when Danis scored a reversal and Burgess was called for stalling. 6-3 with a minute left. Both wrestlers were called for stalling in the final seconds and Burgess rode it to the win. Danis will be one to watch in the next couple of years.

132 Bliss 6-5

Gage McLaughlin – Sophomore MAU               VS.               Daniel Bliss – Senior MMU

Season Record 45-8                                                                   42-4
Career  Record 87-30                                                                162-29  
7th Lowell                                                                                     2x Vermont State Champ, 4x Vermont State Finalist
MAU Tournament Champ                                                      
Methuen Champ

A scoreless 1st, McLaughlin got the escape only to be taken down, Bliss 2-1. McLaughlin gets an escape and a takedown to go up 4-2. 2 escapes later, Bliss ties it at 4. Bliss then gets a takedown and gets called for a stall to bring it to 6-5. McLaughlin almost gets the reversal as it goes right down to the wire and Bliss gets the top spot on the podium. Look for McLaughlin to do some damage in the next two years.









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