Vermont Wrestler Unveils New Logo; Viens Nails It!

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Vermont Wrestler Unveils New Logo

Vermont Wrestler Unveils the long awaited logo designed by Vermont’s own Mike Viens.

Vermont Wrestler

Vermont Wrestler Logo Creator, Artist Mike Viens

The eagerly anticipated Vermont Wrestler logo is finally available. Designed by artist Mike Viens, the logo had to undergo some transitions to make it suitable for the web from the original artwork. An absolute masterpiece,  it will be the new face of the website and – ONE LOOK SAYS IT ALL!

Viens, former BFH Assistant Coach and the father of three boys, two of which are Castleton University wrestlers, designed the logo with some pretty stringent guidelines from VW’s editor, Steve Cerrone. “I want it to look strong and tough”, said Cerrone, “I also want it to be representative of the state of Vermont and most of all, I want it to look so cool that every wrestler in the Green Mountain State will want to wear it proudly!”

Viens Nails It!

Mike Viens, an incredibly talented artist, absolutely astounded me with the new logo. He managed to incorporate the shape of the state and the name of the website underneath the meanest, toughest looking hombre ever to don a singlet! “You want to step on the mat with HIM?”, Viens beamed when he showed me his creation. After my amazement wore off, I replied, “Not unless I’m driving something! That is incredible, it’s awesome, it’s exactly what I wanted! In a word, it’s PERFECT!”

Without further ado – Here it is!

Vermont Wrestler

The New Vermont Wrestler Logo!

Need artwork – Call Mike

If you need artwork for any reason, I strongly recommend you go to Mike’s Inkblot Illustrations Facebook Page or contact him at 802-299-8052

Logo Slogan Contest

Along with the unveiling, Vermont Wrestler is having a Logo Slogan Contest. We’re looking for something short and sweet like; “Proud to be a Vermont Wrestler”.   All entries will be submitted to a panel of judges to pick the top five. Those five will win a Vermont Wrestler tee shirt. The panel will then pick a winner who will win the first ever Vermont Wrestler Hooded Sweatshirt. Please email your slogan to and put the word “SLOGAN” in the subject box. Contest will end 12/20/2016.



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