To Compete Or Not To Compete; St J Answers The Question

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To Compete Or Not To Compete; St J Answers The Question  

To compete or not to compete – that is the question! Whether tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune – or stay home. The

to compete or not to compete

St J K-2 Crowd

question was answered at St Johnsbury on April 15, 2017 for the K-2 Youth State Championships. What a great day and a great tournament! Apparently there are plenty of kids and parents that want to be involved in a competitive tournament at that age. About 80 to be exact. And once again, Glenn Canaday made sure this tournament ran smooth as silk!   

To compete or not to compete at this age; This is an argument that, in my mind, has led to an adolescent sense of entitlement and the watering down of athletic ability. The last time I applied for a job, I wasn’t awarded a trophy for participation. If I’m offending some people with this attitude, then I’m sorry. Wrestling is a difficult sport and it’s not for the feint of heart. There are two opponents on the mat and only one of them gets first place.

Youth Practice: Games and Drills

In my mind, we’re preparing our kids for:

  • Their future wrestling careers                                
to compete or not to compete

They Came, They Saw They Conquered; They’re All Winners!

  •   Life

I put that in bullet points because, as we all know, life doesn’t throw out any freebies. Wrestling; learning about hard work and discipline, and teaching kids how to win and lose gracefully, are the vicissitudes of life. And the sooner kids learn that, the better off they’ll be.

to compete or not to compete

Thanks Leo!

This is what wrestling is all about. Kudos to all the kids and parents that participated; Thanks to the coaches for their time and effort to prepare the wrestlers; thanks to all the unsung heroes that sell 50/50’s, bring the food, run the concessions, direct the parking, plan the tournament and basically do everything to make sure that wrestling continues to prosper as a sport.

Thanks to Mike and Tracey Verge for holding this tournament. They’re committed to making it bigger and better every year and Vermont Wrestler will be right there with them. It was especially exciting for the finalists to participate in the procession into the gym and then compete on one center mat.

And to those that feel that it’s too early an age to be competitive, we understand your point of view. When you feel your kids are ready to compete, we’ll welcome them with open arms!

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Vermont Wrestler; To Compete Or Not To Compete; St J Answers The Question

Youth Practice: Games and Drills


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