The Road To Providence

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The Road To Providence
2013 New England High School Wrestling Tournament BFH 3rd

The road to Providence isn’t paved with gold. It’s a long and arduous trip, replete with illness, injury, frustration, pain and punishment. Countless hours of practice offer no guarantees of success and the best laid plans often go astray. Providence is an appointment with destiny, an intersection where the roads of perseverance, skill and a little good fortune lead. Welcome to the world of wrestling.

Vergennes was a mixture of jubilation and frustration for the BFH wrestlers, but the aftermath proved to be Coach Claude Weyant’s most successful campaign, placing third at the states and sending four wrestlers to the New England’s. “To finish third with only half of a team is an incredible accomplishment”, proclaimed Weyant, “but we’ve been doing it all year long, why should states be any different!”

When the dust settled and the trophies were handed out, BFH was there to collect a first, two seconds, a third and a fourth place, beating out 21 other teams, most of which had more wrestlers. ‘The little engine that could’ is chuggin’ on to Providence.

BFH takes 3rd in Vermont State Wrestling Tourney

3rd Place Over 21 Other Teams


Unfortunately it wasn’t Good Friday for all involved. For all of your hard work and dedication, to get knocked out on the first day is hard to swallow. Shane Brown and John Harris didn’t make it to Saturday, but they hung in to root their teammates on. Your support and team spirit are greatly appreciated. Shane has been a much improved wrestler this year and John had a good season especially for a first year man.


Austin Viens got through day one with a 7-1 decision over Mill River’s Quinn Kimball but ran aground against Brandon Tyson of Spaulding whom he’d wrestled earlier this season. With Viens’ up 1-0 early in the match, he got hit with a questionable stalling call, tying it at one apiece. Later in the match, Austin accidentally grabbed Tyson’s headgear, a two point infraction. To add insult to injury, the ref mistakenly called Viens for cursing, leaving him three points down in an otherwise even contest.

“As far as the headgear call goes, it’s an automatic infraction, accident or not, but…. both boys were stalling and only Austin got called. Sometimes things just don’t go your way,” claimed Coach Weyant. In the subsequent consi semi, Viens pinned Brandon Tieso of  CVU after being up 14-0. He then lost to Bryce Bernadine in the consi final and with it his hope of going to Providence.

Four BFH Wrestlers Go To The Show

Patrick Libuda will be making his first trip to the New England’s. Libuda lost a close semifinal match to Mill River’s Zak Allen, the eventual 138 champ and Outstanding Wrestler of the Tourney. Allen bested Libuda 7-3 but certainly didn’t dominate. Pat went on to beat wrestlers from Fairhaven and Colchester in the consi’s to secure his place on the podium. “Allen’s a heck of a wrestler and the match with Pat could have gone either way,” said an approving Weyant. Allen went on to defeat top seeded Bailey Willard 6-4 in a mega exciting final. “Any one of those three could have won that bracket”, continued Weyant, “they’re that close”.

Three In The Finals

Three BFH wrest,ers make it to the state wrestling finals

Three BFH Wrestlers In The Finals (in black, ltr) Kyle Record, Nolan Viens and Steve Cerrone

Two Take Second

At 152, Kyle Record has had an outstanding year and going into states was no different. Record pinned Izzak Young of Mill River on Friday and went up against John Hart of Fairhaven on Saturday in the semifinals. Record was all over Hart and took a 14-1 major. Going in on Saturday night, Kyle started off slow but then grabbed  a takedown on Dylan Shattuck of St. Johnsbury before falling 11-4. “I think Kyle was a little tentative in the first two periods”, Weyant commented later, “by the time Kyle had him figured out it was too late”.

Steve Cerrone had a similar run as Record. In his first match he had no trouble putting away Jeb Hodsen of Vergennes with a pin at 3:19 of the match. That set up the much anticipated rematch between Cerrone and Dylan Hemstead of Milton. Earlier in the year with Hemstead ranked 2nd in Vermont and Cerrone 3rd, Steve took a 5-4 decision and the 2nd place ranking. “This guy’s a senior and he’ll be out for revenge”, Weyant warned Cerrone. “Go out there and work hard!” He did and it was a backand forth battle that saw Steve walk away with a trip to the finals.

Last year he faced the best wrestler in the tournament; Zak Hale of MAU, who had over 200 career wins. This year Steve faced a similar fate when he met former Connecticut state champ, Miguel Calixto, again from MAU, in the finals. It ended up in a second period pin but Cerrone managed two second place finishes as a sophomore. “I was worried about Hemstead”, said Weyant, “and happy to see Steve wrestle very well against him”.

Viens Takes First

BFH’s only first place finish came from Junior Co-Captain Nolan Viens. The top seeded Viens wrestled well but cautiously not wanting a repeat of last year when he was overly aggressive against Nick Eddy and finished second. His first match was an 18-2 tech fall over Brandon Young of CVU. Then came a game but outclassed Caleb Purinton of Mill River. He went down 14-5 but was a strong wrestler who refused to be pinned, although it was close at times. Next was a 7-0 decision over Ian Riley of Rutland. That set up the finals against Shaler of MAU. Never in trouble but once in danger of a reversal, Viens controlled Shaler throughout the contest with the final score 7-3 that saw Viens at the top of the podium.




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