St. J Sandy Murray Early Bird – Vermont Wrestling

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IMG_6662St. J Sandy Murray Early Bird – Vermont Wrestling

Vermont Wrestling is off and running with a great day in St J.

78 wrestlers representing 14 teams including 10 Vermont teams competed for the crown but the home team took home the bacon with 173 points on the day. Coach Mike Verge wanted this to be a day where wrestlers not only got to compete in a tournament style event, but also got to wrestle four or five matches on the day.

“We want to make sure that everyone got to wrestle in the tournament but also wrestle some exhibition matches with wrestlers of their own caliber” said Coach V. “It’s important”, he continued “that kids get to wrestle and get some experience. In too many tournaments, novice wrestlers can go two and out and that can be very discouraging and lead to attrition. We want the kids to wrestle and have fun, as well as get to compete for a trophy”.

The home team, Hilltoppers took home top honors with Smithfield, Rhode Island close on their heels. Also, keep your eyes on Springfield and Milton who took home third and fourth honors. Both of those programs boast increased numbers and strong youth programs, the feeding ground for our future state champs.

Sandy Murray, long time St. Johnsbury Coach,  was on hand to present the trophies. 

Brackets and team scores


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