To make life easier I’ve included the links to other state’s ranking pages. No more searching the web for ranks, you’re just a click away compliments of Vermont Wrestler.

Vermont Wrestling   Rankings and announcements for Vermont Wrestlers.

NH Wrestling Rankings, forum and announcements for NH.

MA Wrestling Rankings, forum and announcements

National Wrestling Rankings

Rhode Island Rankings, announcements and Forum

Intermat National Rankings


Olympic Wrestling

Champlain Valley Hawks



6 Responses to Rankings And Links

  • How about the video link opens in a NEW window, rather than leaving this site? Links to Granby videos?

  • Great idea – always so much when initiating a project of this caliber. It’s inevitable that there will be something overlooked. Thanks for pointing that out.


  • ok thanks my son wrestl at middlebury n i,am a assit coach at the middle school in middlebury

  • dose any body know the weight classes for vermont middle school wrestling

  • Thanks for all the hard work that went into keeping track of us this season. vermont wrestling is on the rise and this site is a big part of that. its the networking that binds us together.

    • Thanks Gunnar,

      Networking is without a doubt the key! I get so many questions that I can’t answer but I send an email out to the wrestling community and somebody invariably has the answer. I’d love to see Vermont wrestling grow and become a real force in New England. Congrats on a great season and here’s to many more!

      Steve C

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