Mt. Abe Youth Wrestling Tournament

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Mt. Abe Youth Wrestling Tournament

The youth wrestling tournament season is in full swing and this past weekend at Mt. Abe saw a packed house and plenty of great wrestling. 150 or so wrestlers turned out to compete for titles, trophies and fun. The good folks at Mt. Abe ran a superb tournament and a splendid time was guaranteed for all.

What’s impressive about these tournaments is the amount of support and teamwork required to pull off an event like this. So much background work Youth Wrestling Tournamentgoes into these events and the folks behind the scenes, the “unsung heroes” are just as responsible for state champions as the coaches, parents, and of course….wrestlers!

As parents or wrestlers, we sometimes take for granted all of the preparation, from conception to completion, these youth wrestling tournaments require. Committees plan, parents shuttle, coaches organize, friends and family cook, teams lug mats, volunteers guide parking and sell 50/50 raffles and run gate admissions, announcers Youth Wrestling Tournamentcall matches and guide wrestlers to the proper mats, wrestlers wrestle and….Vermont Wrestler takes pictures. Literally thousands of man hours are required to make youth wrestling tournaments happen!


Youth Wrestling Tournament

Refs call the matches.


A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to all of the volunteers who make youth wrestling tournaments a reality. Next time you’re at a tourney, thank the cook, give an attaboy to the 50/50 raffle sellers, say hello to the folks at the admission table, congratulate the coaches, praise the refs, and in general be thankful for all of the support team that makes the youth wrestling tournament happen and in turn, help guide wrestlers to a career in our sport!

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Check out the photos of your favorite youth wrestler, coach, relative or friend!


Vermont Wrestler; Mt. Abe Youth Wrestling Tournament



  1. What an AMAZING job with this web site! Great story to go with each event and just loved the photos and how you can look at the brackets, way more then what any new station or newspaper would ever cover about our sport . Love that you even post the upcoming tournament announcements. GREAT JOB

  2. Thank you for your generous comments. We want Vermont wrestling to have unparalleled access to information and results from our sport which in turn will promote greater participation and improve the caliber of every Vermont Wrestler. Thank you also for all of the time you have spent with the youth programs in the state. Let’s really get this ship off the ground!

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