How To Build A Champion?

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How To Build A Champion?

How To Build A Champion? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a secret formula? Ask Coach Claude Weyant of BF-H the answer to that question and he’ll tell you that it’s a combination of hard work, determination, good luck and a good junior program. To add to the stable of thoroughbreds Weyant has been grooming for the last four years, there’s an impressive impact from last years junior program. And “Although there’s still a few holes in the line-up, we’re pretty solid in 11 of the 14 weight classes and that’s brought us some incredible early season success!”
Two freshmen, Jake Lober and Brendan Kendall made a big impression by being two of only three freshmen ever to win at ConVal. Freshman DJ Snide, Cameron Viens and Sawyer Reis also contributed wins, tacking points onto BF-H’s impressive 154 point total. Senior Shane Brown missed the tourney with an ankle injury and soph Jahleel Denson was ineligible due to lack of practices.

First At ConVal

 In his eighteen years as Head Coach at Bellows Falls, (the last two of which were Bellows Falls-Hartford) Weyant has never taken first place at any tourney. First showing of the year, with wrestlers struggling to make weight and a core of untested freshmen, Weyant’s men went to work establishing their dominance at ConVal. Senior Co-Captain Nolan Viens may have struggled with weight but not with any of his opponents. Wrestling two weights up at 160, Nolan cruised through his first tourney of the season capping it off with an 18-6 win in the finals. All I can say is that I wouldn’t want to be in the 145 class when he gets back! Juniors Steve Cerrone, Kyle Record and Austin Viens all took 2nd and John Harris took 3rd. 

Otter Valley Duels and Granville

The BF-H squad continued their winning at Otter Valley only four days later. They defeated Rutland (who only has 5 wrestlers this season) 60-6 and then took out a young but game Otter Valley 46-28. Keep your eyes on Otter Valley as their program numbers are surging and the coaching staff has been bolstered by several veteran wrestlers.

On to Granville where Weyant’s team has never figured heavily in the scoring with the exception of individual wrestlers. This year things were different as BF-H had four wrestlers in the finals and three in the consi’s and eventually finished with two firsts, two seconds and three fourth place finishes. “In all it was a great day for team Bellows Falls-Hartford” proclaimed Weyant. “We have faced 26 teams at the last two tournaments throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York. To be outscored at these two tournaments by only Warrensburg, a tough Section 2 New York team, is pretty amazing.” When I asked him how it felt winning team trophies, Weyant replied, “I think it’s something I could get used to!”


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