Four Pins, Four Wins; Cerrone Leads The Charge

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‘The Little Engine That Could’ or  ‘The Charge Of The Light Brigade’

Whatever term you use, the Bellows Falls-Hartford wrestling team once again demonstrated what hard work and determination will do. Diminutive but dominant, the BFH, Vermont wrestlers collected an incredible 21 wins to only 5 losses yesterday at the Franklin Tech Duals in Turner Falls, Mass.

Sophomore Steve Cerrone led the charge with his personal best of 4-0 on the day, with all four wins coming by way of pins. “I’ve been struggling to make weight this season and it’s been very difficult”, commented Cerrone “but we’re a small team, Patrick (Libuda) can’t get down to 132 and the team needs me at that weight. Sometimes you’ve just got to take one for the team!” Wrestlers from Hampshire, Belchertown, Pioneer Valley and Granby had to pay the consequences for Cerrone’s difficulties.

Right with Cerrone, Junior Captain Nolan Viens and sophomores Kyle Record and Austin Viens were also 4-0 for the tournament. Juniors Patrick Libuda and Chris Earle went 3-1, and classmate Shane Brown wrestled well but came up short in the win column 0-3. First year wrestler, senior John Snide was 1-1 in exhibition.

“It was another terrific performance today, and what these young men continue to do is impress everyone with their talent, dedication and attitude”, boasted Coach Claude Weyant. “They’re a great group of athletes who work hard in practice every day, and it pays off for them”.

Although the team has seen huge individual success, because of their small numbers it’s almost impossible for them to win in dual competition. “Because we have so many holes in the lineup, the only way for us to score in duals is to match up with a team that has similar numbers. However…” Weyant added enthusiastically, “Our numbers may be small but we continue to grow and have several very good and highly experienced junior wrestlers coming into the program next year to fill the gaps.”

Coach Claude Weyant, a Captain in the Windsor County Sheriff’s Dept. has been coaching the team for seventeen years. “In all those years, I’ve never had so many wrestlers with so much individual success. The future is indeed very bright for BFH”.




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