Dan Gable And The Ten Commandments Of Wrestling

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Dan Gable And The Ten Commandments Of Wrestling

Dan Gable and the ten commandments of wrestling is a combination of two articles I recently saw while pondering the subject of motivation. This is a difficult time of the year for a lot of wrestlers because of dieting, intense workouts, long schedules etc. so I thought I’d go to the well and pass along some tidbits from an inspirational source in my life.

Many people ask “What does it take to become a better wrestler” and there are a boatload of answers. The bottom line comes down to this; motivation, dedication, respect for the sport and respect for yourself.

Dan Gable and the Ten Commandments of Wrestling

Dan Gable Motivation

Dan Gable didn’t invent the sport of wrestling although some may say he reinvented it. Dan Gable didn’t produce the ten commandments of wrestling. What Dan Gable brought to the table was the most phenomenal work ethic of any athlete ever. He was a national champion as a wrestler and produced 15 national championships as a coach. But this article isn’t an argument about who’s the best wrestler or coach of all time. This article is about what it takes to be a wrestler and what it takes to be successful.

Gable’s Motivation

Dan Gable committed himself to wrestling after the tragic murder of his sister in 1964. From that point on he knew of nothing else in the world except wrestling. And although his enthusiasm for the sport may have been taken to the extreme, it nonetheless demonstrates the power of total focus to anything in life you want to achieve. He lost only one match in high school and college and even managed to find motivation in losing!

Gable’s legendary work ethic bears many examples but this is my fav. Before his Olympic debut with the Soviets, he had a dream that they were working out harder than he was so he got out of bed and did pushups until he exhausted himself to sleep. He would literally work out four or five times in a single day. Anyone who applies that type of work ethic to wrestling OR…any goal in life is sure to be a success.

Gable had one quote that sticks with me. “Wrestling, as does life, puts you on your back. Wrestling teaches you how to get off your back!” Any time you need some motivation in life, look at a Dan Gable video! Here’s another one I like;


The Ten Commandments Of Wrestling

The other article I liked was The Ten Commandments Of Wrestling and I thought it would prove interesting to wrestlers and coaches as a guide to what it’s all about. Feel free to have a glance; it would make an interesting wall chart.

The Ten Commandments of Wrestling


Enjoy and good luck to all. Work hard, states are right around the corner!

Steve C


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